The complete spraywelder includes:

  • Pistol and selected tip
  • Tool post holder
  • Panel with hopper, carburetor, gauges and flow meters for regulating powder, air, oxygen and fuel-gas rates
  • Air filter/regulator with gauge and fitting
  • Complete hose kit with dual flash-back arrestors
  • Operating manual, including parameter charts for spraying different powders
  • Tool and parts kit (wrenches, tip cleaners, o-rings, etc.)


High Spray Rates - Specially designed nozzles achieve optimum performance with all of our various powder groupings. Spray rates up to 19 lbs/hr (9 kg/hr) are achieved with our standard model, and up to 35 lbs/hr (16 kg/hr) with our high-output unit, the model J-3.

Tight Spray Patterns - The nozzles and focused air jets achieve the narrowest spray pattern commercially available. More alloys is delivered to the part faster, with less overspray, minimizing operator time and consumable investment.

Dense Coatings - Flame energy of up to 92,000 BTU’s and increased target efficiency mean extremely hot spray particles are delivered to the base metal. The final result is a strong, dense overlay.

Reliability- The Spraywelder pistol is designed and built for years of daily use. O-rings are used throughout the unit and gas passages are drilled into a solid aluminum body. The valve assembly is piston-activated for positive, leak-proof control over all gases and maximum safety. The air-cooled pistol handles the hottest jobs.

Easy Operation - The Spraywelder includes a control panel which can be positioned up to 10 feet away. All gas pressure and flow adjustments are located on the panel. The panel also secures the quick-release detachable 20 lb (9 kg) production-size hopper, which feeds the gun through a vibrator-less compressed air circuit (no expensive inert gases necessary). The lightweight pistol is compact and operates in any position.

Safety - Built-in dual flash-back arrestors prevent accidental ignition in oxygen and fuel-gas supply hoses.

Versatility - Versatility - The Spraywelder applies a wide range of powdered alloys, including Colmonoy Sprayweld powders (optimized for use with the Spraywelder), other spray-and-fuse alloys and metallizing powders, such as SoloCoat™ powders and CoiSpray™

Fusewelder torch

Wall Colmonoy's four Fusewelder models are the result of over 25 years of refinement in the engineered design of powder flame-spraying equipment. We offer the most extensive line of powder application touches available. The fusewelder system is a special oxyacetylene torch which preheats the base metal, sprays powdered alloy and fuses deposits to the workpiece.. all with one integrated unit.

Spraywelder Equipment Group

The equipment group includes all the tools needed to complete the setup of a Spraywelder station (except air, oxygen and acetylene):

  • Two-stage oxygen and acetylene regulators
  • Fusing torch butt
  • Oxygen and acetylene Y-connectors
  • Heating tips, type II (sizes 8, 12 and 15)
  • Supply hose, 15 ft (5 m)
  • Friction lighter
  • Temperature crayons (200°, 500° and 650° F)
  • Nicrobraz Green Stop-Off