Flamespray MK61

The Metallisation MK61 is an oxygen-acetylene fuelled flamespray system, primarily for spraying engineering coatings of steels, bronzes, copper and importantly, Molybdenum. The lightweight, robust pistol offers the possibility to reclaim damaged parts for small to medium sized applications. Molybdenum can also be sprayed with the MK61 as a soft bond coat through to a very hardwearing resistant coating. The MK61 system can be used for anti-corrosion coatings where propane is not readily available.

Flamespray MK73

The Metallisation MK73 is an oxygen-propane fuelled flamespray system giving un-rivalled anti-corrosion coatings. The lightweight, well-balanced, robust pistol offers the quickest spray rates on the market, saving you both time and money. Systems can be supplied as continuous spray or, more commonly, with a unique stop/start function that allows the operator to stop spraying but keep the flame lit without damage to the pistol.

Arcspray 140GP

The Metallisation Arc 140GP is an economical electric drive unit option for the lightweight, long reach Arc140 system, offering excellent flexibility for difficult to access areas. The patented 'Syncrodrive' system means there is no motor in the pistol, and unique constant geometry (CG) head ensures smooth and consistent spray quality. A push/pull wire feed system gives reliable wire feed up to 20m from the wire dispenser. Ideal for anti-corrosion and engineering coatings, the Arc 140GP is compatible with all standard Arc 140 accessories such as extentions, Acrobeam and Purecoat.

Arcspray 528E

The Metallisation Arc 528E offers the ultimate in reliability and precision for demanding production applications, including anti-corrosion and engineering coatings. Wire drive is supplied at the heavy-duty pistol by a highly accurate, powerful DC servo motor, through a robust gearbox and drive roller system. The high-performance pistol incorporates proven Metallisation technology, including a unique, constant geometry (CG) head. This ensures smooth and consistent spray quality and minimal downtime when changing consumable spares. Supreme flexibility is also a keynote of the Arc528E. The pistol connects to the complete range of Metallisation energisers, with the drive unit controller either built in as standard, or externally mounted if required. In addition, the system can easily be integrated into other production equipment such as tube mills and robots, with the spray rate linked to production speed, to ensure perfect coating at all times.

Arcspray 701

The new Metallisation Arc701 is a unique blend of ability and innovation. It brings together the proven performance of our Arc700 pistol plus the very latest technological advances. For instance, it incorporates a new 700amp sealed energiser, giving excellent spray rates and reduced spraying times over large areas. The drive unit is also more robust, ensuring supreme reliability in the most arduous of site conditions. The lightweight, hand-help ensures smooth and consistent spray quality and minimal downtime when changing consumable spares. Various packaging options, including an extended site trolley, allow the energiser to be sited up to 25nm from the pistol spraying area. Alternatively, the drive unit can be packaged neatly on the energiser, leaving it free to swivel and follow the operator when spraying.